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healthy, accessible, and convenient is the experience we want our customers to take home with.

Nuan Xin Rice Roll always believe in the blending of taste and health. Purple rice is one of more than 40,000 varieties of rice. It comes originally with a scent and sweetness. The purple rice was served to the emperor in the ancient China, thus earning its name— the “forbidden rice”. The purple rice is a very good source of carbohydrate, have almost no fat or cholesterol, and is a good source of protein too.





The purple rice is grown mainly in Asia; the deep black color turns purple when it is cooked. It is slightly chewy and has a nutty flavor. With all the special character that belongs to the purple rice, Nuan Xin has adapted the oldest fashion way in maintaining the most original taste of the purple rice. We will deep the purple rice into the water for the wait time of five to seven hours; we made sure the purple rice is fully absorbing the water so it stays chewy. We insisted in using bamboo buckets when cooking the purple rice to bring out the special nutty flavor of the rice.





Nuan Xin Rice Roll is big on the freshness of the ingredients. We believe that all food flavor is the best when they are prepped without too much of artificial. We are cooperating with our suppliers in choosing the in-season vegetables to ensure the best taste of our rice rolls. Our special house drinks with the rice rolls are always the best combination. We provide coffee, milk tea, juice, and all other signature drinks to fulfill a wide range of demand. Our signature fruit tea is a must to pair with the rice rolls. The fruit tea is made with fresh fruits; it is abundant in vitamin C, cellulose, and minerals that provides a healthy diet. A drink is the best combo with our rice rolls, and you can never crave too much.